Your Complete Guide to the Gas Safe Register

//Your Complete Guide to the Gas Safe Register

Your Complete Guide to the Gas Safe Register

You should know about the Gas Safe register if you’ve got any gas appliances in your home. It’ll help to keep your gas fire, boiler or cooker working correctly, and you and your property safe.

What’s the Gas Safe register?

The Gas Safe register is the official list of all tradespeople who can work safely and legally on gas appliances. It’s illegal for someone to work on or install a gas appliance like a fire, boiler or cooker if they’re not on the register.

The Gas Safe register covers the whole UK. All listed professionals get an identity card with their own individual licence number on. You can search the register online, so you can easily check if a tradesperson is on it or not.

Why is the register important?

The Gas Safe register is very important as it helps to keep gas appliances and everyone around them safe. It’s essential that only competent professionals do work on gas appliances as unskilled work can lead to explosions, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s also required by law. So if you want a legal and safe home it’s simple – just make sure you only use an engineer who’s on the Gas Safe register.

What do you need to do to be on the Gas Safe register?

There are multiple things that tradespeople need to do to be on the register. These include:

  • Holding sufficient qualifications to work safely and competently
  • Refreshing their qualifications regularly so they know about the latest regulations and technology
  • Allowing register representatives to look at their work

In addition to receiving an identity card, registered engineers also benefit from information and training materials from the Gas Safe register.

How do I find a Gas Safe registered engineer to help me?

If you require a Gas Safe registered engineer, just fill in our online form. We’ll put you in touch with up to 4 local professionals. All our boiler engineers are Gas Safe registered, so don’t worry.