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Gas boiler service

Why does my gas boiler need a service?

Gas boilers, whether in the house or any other building play a very important role whether they’re providing heating or indeed hot water. As they’re normally fairly discreet units, tucked away out of sight it’s very easy to forget about them and the important role they play. They are costly to install, and designed to last a number of years without any serious issues, however as with any equipment with internal moving parts that are used heavily they are subject to everyday wear. Also, very often they are used sporadically throughout the year… with the heaviest usage being in the Winter months and the lighter usage during the warmer months, which can cause additional issues like the seizing of internal parts.

In this page we’ve covered what we believe to be the most important aspects of getting a service, and how best to save money on you gas boiler servicing costs. Getting a gas boiler service enables you to spot any potential problems that might be creeping into the system before they turn into anything disastrous. By replacing any internal parts that are showing wear and tear you reduce the potential for a complete gas boiler breakdown significantly, and as a result can potentially save a great deal of money.

Do I need to service my gas boiler?

In a word, yes. Though gas boilers in general are reliable units, there are two main reasons why you should carry out a service on a regular basis:

Gas boiler Efficiency

Gas boiler efficiency:

An inefficient boiler causes a number of problems for you. If the boiler is operating inefficiently, there’s a good chance one of the internal parts isn’t performing as well as it should which poses the risk of complete boiler failure if it breaks completely. Gas boilers are delicately balanced pieces of equipment which rely on the correct operation of all the internal parts, and if any should fail it’s likely the boiler will shut down for safety reasons leaving you with no heating or hot water. Additionally, a boiler operating inefficiently will be using more fuel, and therefore costing you more on your annual fuel bills.

Gas Boiler Safety

Gas boiler Safety:

It shouldn’t be all about gas boiler servicing costs, in fact the most important reason to undertake a regular service is that of safety. Though when operating correctly gas boilers are safe, if there’s any malfunction then potentially there can be a problem. Regular servicing by a ‘Gas Safe Registered’ engineer will give you the peace of mind that your boiler is running efficiently and more importantly safely.

When should I get a gas boiler service?

There are a number of factors which can influence when it is you get your boiler serviced, however there is an important point to remember, particularly with gas boilers. The majority of gas boiler problems in the UK happen at the end of the Summer months, and there’s a very good reason for this. Throughout the summer, gas boilers are relied upon much less heavily, and therefore the likelihood of any internal parts seizing increases. Once the colder weather begins, people start using the boilers again more regularly, which in turn highlights the problems which may have laid dormant over the Summer. The problem this causes is that many people need a service or repair at the same time, increasing waiting lists and often prices when you need the boiler working the most. So the first bit of advice is to factor in a gas boiler service before the colder weather starts so you are ready in advance.

Other factors which will influence your service intervals are:

Gas boiler servicing costs

We have talked about the importance of servicing, however there are also numerous factors which can influence your gas boiler servicing costs. Typically you can expect to pay around £50 to £80 for a standard gas boiler service, and anything from £80 to £180 for a service on a high-efficiency boiler. Read on to see some of the factors that can influence these prices, and how to save money on your overall gas boiler service costs.

To conclude…

We have discussed the importance of getting a gas boiler service from both a financial and safety point of view, and also highlighted some of the influential factors when it comes to gas boiler servicing cost. In order to ensure you receive the best service possible, at the lowest price available it’s important to compare free quotes from local, approved business. Thankfully you can do this by completing our no-obligation 60 second quote form which you can find by clicking below: