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What Affects Boiler Repair Costs?

With all the different types of boilers on the market, and a variety of problems each and every one of them can experience, it’s no wonder that a lot of factors can affect your overall boiler repair cost. Below we have compiled some of the more typical factors that are influential in the overall cost:

Boiler Type

Depending on the type and model of boiler you've installed, you may notice a change in the boiler repair costs.
High-efficiency combi-boilers are more advanced reliable but parts are likely to be more expensive. Standard boilers, though perhaps less efficient will be easier to repair and therefore cheaper.

Boiler Age

How old your boiler is can be a noticeable factor in boiler repair costs.
Older boilers are likely to be less reliable but on the whole will be cheaper to repair. On the flip side modern boilers, though more efficient can be more expensive if a repair is needed. Both can affect repair costs.

The Season

It’s likely that if your boiler breaks down in the colder months you may be subject to a premium as demand grows.
At Combi Boiler Quotes we don’t believe this should be the case, so our network are ready to provide cheap boiler repair quotes at any time of the year!


Unfortunately where you live can have an affect on the cost of your boiler repair
Premiums for living in city centres such as London, Manchester etc. are often unavoidable, but will be noticeable when compared to the boiler repair costs of other less populated places in the UK.

Typical Boiler Repair Costs

Boiler repair on the whole is quite an expensive undertaking, and because of the importance of keeping you boiler running it’s often one that cannot be avoided. Below are some typical examples of the cost of repairing your boiler, and why it’s important to compare quotes to save as much as possible:

Saving Money on your Boiler Repair Costs

Quite simply, the easiest way to save money and reduce your boiler repair costs is to compare quotes from local specialists ready and willing to provide cheap quotes. What’s more the process only takes a minute and can save you a significant amount.