4 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Boiler Now

//4 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Boiler Now

4 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Boiler Now

If you want your boiler to be efficient and keep your home warm for several years to come, regular servicing is essential. And the lead-up to winter is a fantastic time to book one in. Why? Keep reading to discover 4 reasons why you should service your boiler now.

1. It will lower the chances of it breaking down

A broken down boiler is never what you want but it’s particularly unwelcome in winter. No one wants to get up or come home to a cold house and water when it’s already chilly outside.

If you service your boiler now, this will enormously lower the chances of it breaking down when it begins to get truly cold. This is due to the fact that during the service your boiler engineer should identify any faults or small issues and fix them before they stop your boiler working correctly.

2. It could help to stop your gas bill rising

Another reason to service your boiler before winter starts is that it could save you cash. Ignored boilers can develop faults and become inefficient without you noticing. This means that you’ll burn more fuel and get less heat, causing you to turn up your heating and your fuel bill rising.

When your boiler’s serviced, the engineer will check that it’s working efficiently and make changes if not. This will make sure that you get the most possible heat out of the fuel you buy. It’s good to save money at any time of year, but in the build-up to Christmas it’s especially helpful.

3. It will keep you and your home safe

Safety is another good reason to service your boiler. Malfunctioning gas boilers can leak carbon monoxide gas, which can be fatal if you do not have a reliable carbon monoxide detector.

In a service, your engineer will check that your boiler’s safe and not leaking any harmful gasses into your home. It’s sensible to do this before winter, as this is when you’ll be using your boiler the most and so will be more at risk. Ensure you always find a Gas Safe registered engineer to do your boiler maintenance.

4. It will increase your boiler’s working life

Servicing your boiler is also an excellent way to increase its working life. Like your car, if you look after it well then your boiler will last significantly longer than if you do not. Servicing your boiler now will reassure you that it’ll last through the winter and hopefully for many years to come.

So service your boiler before it gets really cold to keep your home cosy and your household and bank balance safe.

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