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Why should I upgrade to a new combi boiler?

If your existing boiler is more than 15 years old the chances are it won’t be environmentally friendly and upgrading will make a real difference to the energy efficiency in your home.


Gas boiler carbon emissions

Around 60% of the carbon emissions from homes heated by gas are emitted by their boilers, according to the Energy Saving Trust (EST).


Save on energy bills

If you swap your old G-rated model for one of the latest A-rated condensing boilers you will substantially reduce these emissions and potentially save as much as 33% on your energy bills.

Boiler explained

Combi boilers explained

Combi – or combination – boilers are the most popular choice of boilers in the UK today. They’re reportedly found in 70% of homes.

By combining everything in one compact unit, these new generation boilers can provide your home with both heating and instant hot water, dispensing with the need for a traditional water cylinder. According to UK building regulations all new boilers must now be condensed models in order to protect the environment and save energy. Most carry SEDBUK A or B ratings to prove their efficiency.

boiler size

Size of boiler

To appreciate why combi boilers are so popular it’s worth understanding how they work.

The combination system involves cold water passing through the boiler over a heat exchanger. This exchanger transfers as much heat as possible from the burner and ensures that there is only minimal heat loss through waste gasses.

The result is that the combi boiler can produce hot water without the need for an immersion heater. It can also provide central heating by circulating hot water through radiators and underfloor pipes.

pros and cons

Combi Boiler Pros and Cons

It’s estimated that you can cut your gas bills by an average of £300 a year by replacing any boiler that’s more than 15 years old. The EST reports that condensing combi models are extremely energy efficient because they convert at least 86% of fuel into heat, compared with 65% in old boilers.

Combi boilers not only save you money but also significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Another reason why combi boilers are so popular is that they’re compact and can fit easily under the stairs or in a kitchen cupboard in order to save space. Combi boilers, however, do not suit every household because they struggle to supply hot water to more than one outlet. They are most suited to smaller properties with one bathroom, like a flat, maisonette, cottage or bungalow.

Installing a combi boiler

To service, repair or install a gas combi boiler it’s essential you hire a Gas Safe engineer.

Don’t risk using an unqualified contractor and never attempt to do the job yourself because gas can be lethal if not handled properly.

Costs of installing a combi boiler

How much you need to spend on buying and installing a new combi boiler will depend on the kind of heating system you are replacing. There are several factors which will ultimately affect your boiler installation cost.

Exchanging an old system boiler for a combi boiler, for example, is likely to cost around £2,500 and upwards. The sensible option is to compare several quotes from local boiler specialists which is exactly what you can do with our free quote service.