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Oil boiler service

Why do oil boilers need servicing?

With boilers in general being fairly large investments, they are designed to last a number of years without additional significant expense. As with all equipment with moving internal parts, wear-and-tear plays a role in why a service might be necessary. This, coupled with the fact that for a large part of each year they are used scarcely, then relied upon heavily during the Winter months increases the risk that an oil boiler may seize, or indeed malfunction.

By getting an oil boiler service at regular intervals, you can keep on top of any niggles that might be starting with the operation of the boiler, be it internal parts needing replacing or lubrication/oiling of any moving parts which might be prone to seizing. By doing this you minimise the likelihood of a complete boiler malfunction which can cost many times the amount of a service.

Do I need to service my oil boiler?

In a word, yes. Though they are largely dependable there are a number of reasons why you should have a service carried out regularly on your oil boiler:


For Efficiency:

Servicing oil boilers on a regular basis helps to keep them working efficiently which benefits you the user in two ways:

1. They are less likely to breakdown if serviced correctly ,which can be a very costly affair.

2. A well serviced oil boiler will operate for efficiently and therefore burn less fuel, saving you money on your oil bills.


For Safety:

A well serviced oil boiler will not only operate efficiently but provide peace of mind that there is nothing wrong that could potentially cause arm to anyone that uses it. By hiring a fully qualified Oftec engineer to carry out the service they can ensure that your oil boiler is operating completely safely and that there are no risks to anyone using it.

How often should I get an oil boiler service?

The intervals at which you carry out your service will vary for a number of reasons such as:

Oil boiler servicing costs

As with all types of boilers, there will be a variety of different factors that will affect your overall oil boiler servicing costs. It’s an important point to remember that services are ongoing expenses, so it’s wise to compare oil boiler service quotes and factor them in to the overall budget if looking to install a new oil boiler. Typical costs for an oil boiler service can range anywhere from £50 to nearly £200 so it’s well worth considering the cost-affecting factors, and comparing free quotes from reputable companies.

In conclusion

To conclude, the importance of getting an oil boiler service is clear, both to save money on future repair costs (and indeed fuel costs) but more importantly to keep the boiler running safely. There’s a sure-fire way to get the best deals, and reduce you oil boiler servicing costs and that is by comparing free no-obligation quotes from trusted, Oftec registered companies, and you can do this simply by pressing the button below: