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New boiler cost

It may be that you need a complete Combi Boiler installation, perhaps your existing boiler is starting to become unreliable, isn’t as efficient as the newer A-grade models, or you simply want to take advantage of the fuel savings to be made with a high-efficiency Combi Boiler. Regardless of your reason, there’s a common goal of everyone who visits our website, and that’s to save as much money on your Combi Boiler as possible.

So why save on your Combi Boiler cost?

We’ve noticed a significant rise in the number of people throughout the UK looking to save money on a new Combi Boiler, for two main reasons:

Saving on bills in the UK:
newer more energy-efficient boilers will save you a great deal more on your annual fuel bills. By upgrading your older boiler to a high-efficiency A-grade Combi Boiler you could be looking at an average over just over £200 per annum saved on your fuel bill. The reason is that high efficiency boilers convert around 30-40% more fuel to heat than older models so you use a huge amount less fuel to heat your premises.

Environmental reasons:
as explained in the point above, by getting a new A-Grade Combi Boiler you can expect to convert some 30-40% more fuel to heat which will have a direct impact on your carbon footprint. You end up using a significant amount less fuel throughout the year minimising your environmental impact. In fact, newer environmentally friendly boiler can even be tied in with other technology such as solar panels and solar water heaters to help you save even more money and reduce emissions even further.

What affects your Combi Boiler cost?

A new boiler in the UK can be a significant investment so it pays to save as much money as possible on the initial cost of purchase. To help prepare yourself there are a variety of factors which will in turn influence the amount of money you need to spend:

Boiler types

Type of boiler

Depending on the type of boiler you are considering, the price will inevitably vary. By this we mean factors such as the type of fuel (gas, oil etc.) and whether the boiler is a high-efficiency model. When it comes to boiler efficiency, the initial outlay may be more, but you could end up saving around £200 per year on your bills so it’s worth considering as part of the new Combi Boiler cost.

Size of boiler

Size of boiler

The size of your house/property will have a direct impact on the size of your new Combi Boiler, and therefore the cost. Bigger properties will have more radiators, longer pipe-work and larger tanks so will need a suitably sized boiler to cope with the demand. An important consideration to ensure you don’t have to replace a Combi Boiler in the future is to make sure your boiler is suitable for any future extension work you may be undertaking.

Current Infrastructure

Current Infrastructure

Is you new Combi Boiler replacing an older existing one? If so you may have all the necessary pipe-work, radiators and appropriate infrastructure in place which will reduce your new Combi Boiler cost considerably. It will still need to be checked and power-flushed however.

Getting a cheap new Combi Boiler cost

Thankfully the cost of your new Combi Boiler may not be as expensive as you think. We supply free quotes every day for people like you throughout the UK looking to save on their new boiler, and the process couldn’t be easier:

It only takes 3 simple steps: