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How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost?

For a generalisation, you can expect to pay around £50-80 to service a standard boiler, however this cost can increase to around £150 or more for high-efficiency boilers. Of course, there are a number of factors which will influence the final boiler service cost, and we’ve covered a few of the main ones below:

Whereas the initial cost of a boiler service may make some people think twice about the necessity of it, there are two important reasons which should fully justify any expense incurred:


It’s a fact that a well serviced boiler will perform more efficiently, use less fuel and therefore save you more money. This in itself can justify the boiler service cost in its entirety.


A well serviced boiler will help ensure the safety of those who use it, and minimise any potential dangers posed by CO (Carbon Monoxide).

Getting a Cheap Boiler Service Cost

With all the variables affecting your boiler service cost, there’s a sure-fire way of saving money, and that’s by comparing quotes from local, vetted specialists. Whereas most people don’t have the time to find and contact local boiler specialists repeating their requirements every time, that’s exactly why we set up our service, and it’s why people get free quotes with us every single day. What’s more the quotes are completely obligation-free so you can simply use them to get an idea of prices.